We Won’t Be Divided!


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2015 may become known as the year in which ugly nationalism returned to Europe. Various parties and media have tried to draw personal benefit from promoting division: North against South, East against West, at this point not even Sweden and Denmark trust each other anymore.

In order not to lose the spirit of Europe, we have to communicate carefully now. We must not contribute to the various stereotypes that are floating around and we must not further the sentiment that it’s one country against another. We have a European crisis which can only be solved on the European level. All rational Europeans in all countries have to be part of the solution.

To detoxify the discourse, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has suggested two rules for 2016, for himself and for every one of us who doesn’t want to feed racists and nationalists:

  1. Never start a sentence again with the words The Germans or The Greeks or similar.
  2. Stop criticising other governments – concentrate in criticising only policies.

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